Off Road Consulting Woodland Adventure

What is the Woodland Adventure?

Combine off road driving, geocaching, mapping/navigating, overlanding, time management  and scavenger hunt all wrapped up into one big weekend! 

Complete goals along the way to accumulate points! Goals can be in the form of stickers, drawings, pictures and stamps!  The best part is you get to lay out your own route and adventure! 

Using the GPS and maps provided, plan your route to find the various stops and start logging your points!

Whichever team has the most points at the end of the event will win the top prizes! 

This fun, family friendly event is perfect for stock or modified vehicles. 

When is the Woodland Adventure?

Things kick off Friday evening Oct 26th at Rausch Creek Off Road with check in for pre-registered participants. 

The event takes place Saturday Oct 27th at 8am and ends on Sunday Oct 28th at 4pm.

Other things to know!


  • You must be in a team of two, 4x4 vehicles
  • You will need to understand how to use a gps or a paper map to find and locate the stops
  • This event is stock 4x4 friendly
  • Team name .....example Team El Dorado
  • Teams  must pre register!  When registering please provide your team name -  you will be assigned a team number for the Woodland Adventure.
  • Registration  includes entrance into the Woodland Adventure, park fees which were usually included are now due the upon your arrival at each off road park. *Registration does not include park fees