101 Driving Experience



This 6 hour, family friendly off road driving class is designed to show the driver what their vehicle is capable of doing off road. 

With zero classroom time we take the training to the trails for real world, trail training that will prepare you for your off-road driving adventures.

You will experience approach, departure, break over angles, off camber situations, mud obstacles, water fording, various ways to approach up/down hill and choosing the best drive line for your vehicle.

We will also show you how to prep the vehicle for driving off road, 4lo vs 4hi, airing down as well as vehicle specifics. Today’s 4x4 come with a lot of great features such as traction control and hill decent and when used in the proper way, can be a great advantage when it comes to four wheeling.  

Our goal for the class is to prepare you for whatever the trails have in store, all while protecting the vehicle and most importantly keeping you and your passengers safe.  

The 101 class is geared towards new drivers or for those who are looking for a refresher on basic off-road driving skills. Stock and or slightly modified vehicles are welcome.

201 Driving Experience



Taking your driving skills to the next level, our 201 class is designed for those who have taken the 101 class or have been proactive in learning the fundamentals skills of driving off road. 

This 6 hour, 201 training is done out on the trails with you in the driver seat. 

Experiences you will encounter include advanced driving technique, the art of spotting, basic recovery, reading various terrain, why and when to use lockers and approaching advanced terrain. 

This class is still geared towards the stock vehicle as well as modified vehicle but the driver needs to be familiar with the basics.  

301 Driving Experience



The 301 class is truly a unique experience as they are custom designed for our unique and diverse customer base. 

For drivers who are ready to take the next level, whether they drive a stock Cherokee or a heavily modified JK, the 301 is modified to meet the goals and needs of the driver (s) in their particular 301 class. 

The 301 experiences and training will vary depending on the driver and their current skills. 

This class highlights just how critical the driver role is when it comes to four wheeling.

Please contact us for details!

Winch and Recovery Training



Having the gear is one thing, but understanding and knowing how to use your recovery equipment is key.

Offered as a basic or advanced class, this hands-on training shows you all aspects of winch and recovery.

Winching and recovery can be very dangerous and can spiral downhill quickly. Take the time to learn the safe and proper way to utilize the gear and to keep the situation under control so that in the end a successful recovery was made and everyone is kept safe. 

If you do not have any recovery gear that is OK!!  We encourage those who are looking to purchase gear/winch to take the class first so that you can see and learn firsthand about the various recovery equipment that is available on the market today. Before you spend a lot of your hard-earned money on gear that you will never use, see which gear fits into your lifestyle and will truly be of use to you during your 4x4 adventures.

The Basic Winch and Recovery class is scheduled as a group class several times throughout the year.

The Advanced Winch and Recovery is scheduled as a private class.

For details please contact us!  




The word Overlanding has hit the off-road community by storm and we are seeing more and more off road enthusiasts prepare for their own overland adventure. 

Overland driving dates back to as early as 1906 with the Canning Stock Route in Australia and while this launched a historic event to the region, it also paved the way to our overland adventures that we experience today. 

The goal of overlanding whether is was 1906 in Australia or 2017 and the Trans America Trail, is about the overall experience and focusing on the destination. 

Unlike traditional four wheeling at an off-road park where the goal is in individual trail or obstacle, overland driving has specific driving skills and certain gear that are needed for a successful trip.  

Off Road Consulting Overland specific training that is designed to help you with long term preservation of vehicle and proper gear to take. 

There are a lot of elements when it comes to prepping and planning for your overland trip however Off Road Consulting is here for the off of the driving portion of your trip……..planning and packing of your underwear is up to you. 

Custom or Private



Don't see what you are looking? 

Have certain goals or in need a specific training to meet your off-road driving lifestyle?

Do you drive a unique vehicle such as a Ford Raptor, Subaru Outback or Dodge Ram 1500? 

Looking for a more one on one approach to your off road driver training?

Custom built and private classes are for you! For details and availability please contact us!

Three Day Training Event


101 Driving Experience

201 Driving Experience

Basic Winch and Recovery Class

Corporate, professional, Government

Continuing Education


Provide your employees with continuing education that will equip them with current work place procedure, policies and protocols. 

With an informed and educated staff, organizations and businesses will see a decrease in the workplace injury and an increase in efficient work performance. 

In addition to employee improvement you will see a decreases in your companies repair bills and keeps your equipment/vehicles preserved. 

Employee Driver Training


Do your employees operate a 4x4, UTV/ATV/SXS/ARGO style machines?

Do your employees spend time on dirt roads or rugged terrain to get the job done?

Off Road Consulting can help you develop a safe driving program for your staff so that at the end of the work day the vehicles return safely and your staff make it home to their families.

Government and Professional

We have been working with numerous branches of the government for years.  This includes Navy Seals, SOCOM, Border Patrol, and many others.  We can help set up a training program using real world scenarios to keep employees or staff up to dates with the latest techniques and products.

Email us with questions or goals.