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From the new 4x4 owner who wants to learn how to drive their vehicle off road  to the utility company looking for winch training for their employees, Off Road Consulting has you covered for all things off road. 


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Beginner Off Road Driver



If you are new to four wheeling or need a refresher on the basics, the Off Road Consutling 101 class will give you the driving skills needed to keep your vehicle preserved and you safe. 



 Companies with informed and educated staff decreases the workplace injuries, vehicle repairs and increases efficient work performance.
Protecting your staff and resources is key to keeping your repair bills and employee injuries at a low to zero statistic.
Keep your company's biggest assets informed and safe by continuing their education and refining their skills.
From the start of your employee’s day to the end of the job at hand, let Off Road Consulting help build a continuing education plan for your staff. 

Winch and Recovery


Winching is just hook up and pull right? Not so much.  With a mix of hands on classroom and in the field training Off Road Consulting will teach you how to approach winch and recovery situations with a methodical and safe mindset. 

Advanced Off Road Driver


 Take your driving skills to the next level with this advanced driving class all while focusing on keeping the vehicle safe. 

Guided Trail Rides


We offer monthly guided rides at three of the east's coasts premier off road parks! With 3,00 acres at Rausch Creek, 7,000 acres at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area and 20,000 acres of Famous Reading Outdoors, let Off Road Consulting show you around these facilities in a professional, non intimidating a, family friendly atmosphere!



From the basics to teaching your employees how to drive your new company machines, Off Road Consulting offers various UTV driver training classes including ROHVA and winch/recovery training. 



Planning an overland trip? Off Road Consulting will show you how to drive the vehicle with the goal of vehicle preservation so that you can successfully complete your overland experience. 

Continuing Education


Do your employees work with winch and other type gear? Do they operate a UTV or drive a company truck on various terrain? We can help you train and create  company procedures, policies and protocols that will benefit the company and the workers who represent you.

Customized Training


We pride ourselves in not being a "Cookie Cutter" operation. If you have   specific need or goal please let s know! We are able to modify or create a training that is tailored to you. 

Team Building


From corporate outings to a club event,  Off Road Consulting offers  Team Building activities that will bring your employees, club, friends or family together for not only a fun day out on the trails but will also build trust, increase communication and motivate the team as a whole.

Private Training Classes


  Why take a private training class?

  • If your schedule does not allow you to attend the scheduled guided rides on the weekends
  •  Private group outings 
  •  If you prefer a more one on one approach to your training 
  •   Have specific training goals
  •   Have a unique vehicle such as Ford Raptor, Dodge Ram 150  

Woodland Adventure


 With a mix of off road driving, geocaching, mapping/navigating, overlanding,  time management and scavenger hunt all wrapped up into one big weekend!  And the best part is you get to lay out your own adventure! This fun,  family friendly event is perfect for stock or modified vehicles.

Private Guided Rides


 Why hire a trail guide?

  • If your schedule does not allow you to attend the scheduled guided rides on the weekends
  • Private group outings 
  • If you prefer to see and explore the park in a quiet setting
  • Looking for various/specific trails 
  • Have a unique vehicle such as Ford Raptor, Dodge Ram 150

State Forest Guided Rides


Coming Soon

Night Rides


These non guided rides take place at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area! Follow the reflective signage as you Light up the trails with Off Road Consulting! 

3 parks in 3 days


  3  parks in 3 days! Join Off Road Consultingas we explore Pennsylvania's  top off road parks, Rausch Creek Off Road Park, Anthracite Outdoor  Adventure Area and Famous Reading Outdoors!  

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