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With over two decades of off road driving experience, Off Road Consulting has the background to fit any off road need.  What sets us apart is our passion and experience.  Off road driving and recoveries have been a day in and day out career for us.  This is carried over to our trainings and experiences.  Anything off road is what we do.  

Our Approach

Off road driving is an in tune approach in every aspect.  To be in tune you need to experience what is involved.  This approach is how we go about every aspect of our business.  We get our customers hands on and experiencing real world scenarios.  This is the ideal way to learn what off road driving and recoveries are about.

Why Us?

It doesn't take long to witness our experience and passion.  We strive to be the best we can and give you the experience or service you are looking for.  Our love of this career is why we do this.


Let us help you put together a program that helps your employees better understand how to use company equipment safely.  This will reduce damage and downtime for the company and keep equipment up to operational status.

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Take an Off Road Consulting training class or guided ride with your JL from Jan 1st 2018-Nov 30th 2018. 


Saturday December 1st 2018 ( Time TBA) we will doing a Facebook live drawing of the winner!!!  Good Luck to all the JLs drivers and thank you Clayton Off Road!

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